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TapePro Mud Box VS Northstar Taper Mate

TapePro Mud Box VS Northstar Taper Mate


 Here is the breakdown for the application of the tool – Both tools deliver these functions:


-       Fills the void between an automatic taper and a banjo but has the functional features of the automatic taper.

-       Simultaneously applies paper taper and joint compound to flat and internal angle joints.

-       Long tape arms for great reach

-       Feed roller allows you to continue taping after cut-off

-       Same Mud Capacity

-       Same Lightweight design

-       Same Clear Polycarbonate Mud Box


The only difference we can see is that the TapePro Mud box has an additional bracing arm – for strength.

Here is a video which explains the TapePro Mud Box and also introduces the TapePro Mud Box Pro – Their improved version of the mud box.




But if you are looking at an entry level taping tool, that gives professional finishes and cuts your work time in half – then we recommend the Northstar Taper Mate for quality and price.


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