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Plastering, The Good Old Days....

Plastering, The Good Old Days....

The good old days .

For those that haven’t been around as long as dinosaurs or myself , then you wouldn’t remember the days when there were no such thing as ready mixed compounds . Codes such as X 450 and TX 500 ,struck fear in the heart of uninitiated of sanding . And not with electric , Giraffe or portacable vacuum sanders , no the dreaded and now rarely seen hand or pole sanders . Yes good old muscle power was the only tool available , and not 220 grit or 180 or even 150 , but 120 grit was the weapon of not choice but necessity .

No taking the lid of a bucket or dumping a carton into a bucket … then what you say ?? Well a large bucket same as was used for soaking the old nappies in , what you say soaking nappies ?? yes before huggies and disposable nappies , we used cloth and had to wash them . Anyway I digress , 1 large bucket , 1 bag of powdered topping cement and a stick , or if you had one a drill , pour in the water , pour in the powder let it soak for 10-15 minutes then mix . Then put the lid on let it settle over night , or while you were second coating the house, then re mix prior to using it , if you didn’t let it settle and soak through you would be contending with air bubbles when applied .

My recollection of the first pre mixed products were Hamilton materials , this was in the early 90’s , or earlier, from memory ,Mick Castles of plaster supply company and Hans Altoff of EA&S were the pioneers , of what is now widely accepted as the norm .

While Australian plastereres and local manufacturers were slow adopters , I would love to ask todays tradies to mix up there topping today . The compounds and there development has been in line with the adaption of the use of the Auto Taping and Finishing tools , but thats another story for another day .

Let us know if you evolved from the dark ages like myself , and any compound stories you’d like to share .

Happy Friday