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Taper vs. Taper

Taper vs. Taper

Mud boxes, banjos, hand tapers, automatic tapers - With so many innovations when it comes to taping tools it’s hard to figure out which one is right for you, or what they even do in the first place. So if you’re ready put down that hawk & 6 inch knife & pick up an innovation that will make your job faster & easier have a read of this.



MUD – holds 2kg approx.
HEIGHT – Scaffold/Stilts required

Easily applies both mud & tape simultaneously to flat drywall joints, twice as fast as by hand. Perfect for the home handyman or DIY jobs, the Homax taper achieves professional results FAST.

Allows the user to adjust & maintain a consistent coat of mud under the tape. This is one of our best sellers, the main reason being it’s not intended for full time professional use & needs replacing at least every 6 months for high frequency use.


MUD – holds 2kg approx.
WARRANTY – 12 Months
HEIGHT – Reach 2.4 m Ceilings

This tool fills the void between a Homax Taper & an Automatic Tapers. Easy to learn how to use & easy to clean. Unlike the Homax, this tool handles both flat & internal angle joints. It also has a longer taping arm than the Homax taper for increased reach.

Simple & robust design includes separate creaser wheel & cutter, each operated by rear controls.

Cut tape by pulling a handle, no need to take the tape wheel off the wall.


MUD – holds 2kg kg approx.
WARRANTY – 3 Years
HEIGHT – Reach 3 m Ceilings

Automatic Tapers or Bazookas as they’re sometimes called are at least 3 times faster than hand taping. These time saving, money making tools are well worth the investment but often intimidate buyers with so many moving parts & techniques for use. At the end of the day, you can compare the difference to hand mixing compound vs. using an electric mixer, one is just faster & better than the other.


  • Holds more compound so you can tape for longer
  • No scaffold required – safer & faster you can square set & tape higher internal corners from the floor
  • Quicker to fill, using a compound pump
  • Easier to clean, thanks to a plunger that keeps the internal clean. Simply rinse the head well.

So how do you pick a brand of Automatic Taper? It really comes down to what kind of value you want for your investment. We have 5 brands of Automatic tapers available, Northstar, Columbia, TapeTech, Level 5 and TapePro.


• Buy from a company with knowledge about tapers

• Choose a taper that suits your work load, saves you time therefore money

• See the product in action – watch the demonstration videos

• Sign up to receive the enews so you’re the first to hear about specials & savings on shipping costs

Which will you choose?