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Wall and Ceiling Textures with your Texture Sprayer

Wall and Ceiling Textures with your Texture Sprayer

Applying textures to plasterboard is a great way to make your walls more visually appealing. It can also be used to cover up minor imperfections created during plasterboard installation. Texture sprayers are the most commonly used tool to apply textures and provide the best result.

There are several textures that can be applied to plasterboard, three of the most commonly used consist of knock down, popcorn and orange peel.

Knock Down Texture

Knock down texture, or sometimes referred to as a skip trowel, is a more subtle kind of texturing. As mentioned above, to achieve maximum results a texture sprayer should be used, however use of a trowel can also create a knock down texture.

The mixture created in applying a knock down texture is generally of thinner consistency. The look of knock down texturing is most often compared to stucco, where it creates a finished, mottled look for your wall. More complex variations of the knock down technique include adding sand to the mix to create added texture or adding paint to the mix to prevent having to paint after the texture application has dried.

Popcorn Texture

Popcorn is a more noticeable kind of texturing. Applied in a similar fashion to knock down plaster/compound mix, the two main differences are that you leave your texture mix in a thicker consistency and instead of knocking down stalactites; your drywall should form a popcorn or cottage cheese appearance. While all texturing will increase the sound absorption of your walls, the thicker popcorn formation is usually the best for this purpose, although certainly not soundproof.



Orange Peel Drywall Texture

To achieve an orange peel texture, it must be done with a texture sprayer as it requires high air pressure and a small nozzle on the gun. The thin material and rapid spraying technique creates a lighter texture that most closely resembles an orange peel. In order to create a uniform texture, the spray gun needs to be moved at a relatively constant speed. The orange peel texture is great for people looking for something more visually appealing than flat walls, but don’t like the look of popcorn on their walls or ceilings.



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*Always ensure you follow manufacturers instructions when creating your texture mud mix.