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    Product Videos

  • _NO-COAT Drywall Corner Technology

    What makes NO-COAT's drywall corners better than metal bead, paper faced metal and vinyl bead? The structural laminate (SLAM) corner design. Visit WWW.NO-COAT.COM for samples, catalog and more info.

  • Level 5 Tools Flat Box

    These boxes apply a thin coat of joint compound, 7", 10", 12" wide, on flat surfaces.

  • Level 5 Tools corner box & angle head

    Level 5 Tools is dedicated to "PUTTING VALUE IN THE HANDS OF THE FINISHER".

  • Automatic Taping Tools - What & How

    This video will firstly take you through different elements of a Level 5 Automatic Taping Kit, explaining exactly what each part is used for, along with Mick’s 3 Time Saving Tips.

  • The Redesign of the Level5 Automatic Taper Tool

    Scott Murray, President of Level5 Tools provides a top to bottom overview of the new Level5 Automatic Taper Tool. "We've spent the better part of the last year and half refining the design and upgrading the tool for the highest performance and reliability."

  • Festool Planex Official Video - Drywall Sanding

    The Festool PLANEX Drywall Sander is a virtually dust-free drywall sanding solution when coupled with Festool's CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor. Its longer lasting, less expensive sanding abrasives reduce operating costs and total cost of ownership.

  • 2 Minute Introduction to Necprotech - The World's Leading Neck Support System

    Tests have shown that necprotech's patented neck support system really works to prevent neck pain, strain and injury. Yet it is so easy to use, so comfortable to wear, and so affordable too.

  • Tapepro Recess Plate

    The RP-200 Recess Plate fits to the Tapepro 200mm (8") Flat Box to reduce the finished width to 140mm. This is great for filling the recess after taping and provides a clean machine finish, feathered at the shoulder of the recess.

  • Tapepro Pro Reach Extendable Flat Box Handle

    CAD animation of the Tapepro Extendable Flatbox Handle. This great new extendable handle retains the same look and feel as our existing range, and extends from 980 to 1600mm - pretty handy for switching from wall joints to ceilings.

  • Level 5 Drywall Tools - Flat Boxes

    The Level 5 Tools Flat Boxes are a classic design with high quality anodized aluminum construction and traditional brass blade holder with stainless steel blades. The adjustable crown dial ensures the precise amount of mud is delivered to the wall. Watch our video for an example of how seamlessly our flat boxes work.

  • Vaulted and Cathedral Ceiling Finishing: Trim-Tex Magic Corner

    Trim-Tex's Magic Corner is the solution for vaulted, cathedral and tray ceilings. Magic Corner can also be used to permanently fix cracks in existing cathedral and vaulted ceilings.

  • Level 5 Flatboxes

    Scott Murray, President of Level5 Tools introducing thenew Level5 of flatboxes and their new features. A number of patent pending innovations and a five year warranty. You can't go wrong with Level5 Tools.

  • The Wizard - English

    The Wizard - English

  • 07TT Automatic Taper

    07TT Automatic Taper

  • TapeTech EasyRoll Wheels

    The new TapeTech EasyRoll™ wheel system allows you to expertly finish all types of outside corner bead up to two times faster than finishing by hand. They are the professional way to finish all types of outside corner bead including metal, paper-faced, vinyl and bullnose.

  • NorthStar Drywall Taping Tools

    NorthStar Drywall Taping Tools

  • Columbia Automatic Flat Box Launch

    The Columbia Automatic Flat Boxes reduce the need to push the compound on to the wall. By engaging the box, the springs put pressure on the compound chamber requiring only a light push to operate the box.

  • Columbia Mud Pump

    What a workhorse this tool is. Built to perform in the toughest environment, our pump smoothly and quickly fills your tools. With a 20 degree angle, the handle acts as a lever and keeps the operator from having to reach as far as other models on the market.

  • The improved Mud Box Pro from Tapepro

    Tapepro Mud Boxes are designed to simultaneously apply paper tape and joint compound to flat and internal angle joints.

  • The Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube and Accessories 1

    The Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube and Accessories 1

  • Automatic Taper From Level 5 Tools

    The Level 5 Tools Automatic Taper will help your increase efficiency and quality of every drywall finishing job by quickly applying your first bed of mud and tape in one pass.

  • Tapepro DVD Taping No 3

    Covers tools and technique for taping joints in plasterboard (drywall). Tapepro manufactures mechanical tools for finishing joints in plasterboard construction.

  • Level5 Tools and Pro Plaster Australia

    They are the exclusive distributor of Level5 Tools and they have been with us through a lot of changes over the years. I'm proud to announce that we are shipping our new line of products to Pro Plaster which you will be seeing in their stores soon.

  • RockSteady Clip

    This video shows how the RockSteady Clip can be used and installed.

  • Pro Plaster Price Guarantee!

    Pro Plaster Price Guarantee! - Best prices on Automatic tools in Australia

  • PP Scaffold into ute

    Suitable and safe for all types of interior work Each end can adjust separately to be used on both level surfaces and stairways.

  • Tapepro Flat Box Handle

    Tapepro Flat Box Handle

  • Tapepro Flat Box

    Tapepro Flat Box in use Now available at Pro Plaster Products.